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by Mark Lenci, |
Subject: Preparation of Boat and Crew, Communications
The CCA Offshore Communications Committee has prepared an in-depth overview of offshore communications methods and considerations, from VHF to Starlink. Those planning an offshore voyage should consider reviewing this document.
by William Strassberg, MD, |
Subject: Culture of Safety, Seamanship and Awareness
Advocates of the phrase, “leaders are born not made,” discount expertise and dwell on behavioral traits such as charisma, compassion, extroversion, boldness, etc. These personality attributes certainly play an important role in acquiring…
by Drew Plominski, |
Subject: Heavy Weather, Emergencies
Last summer, at a dock in Boston, a 30-foot cruiser-racer sailboat was struck by lightning. Owner, Drew Plominski a member of the Cruising Club of America, describes the incident and the damage sustained.
Subject: Seamanship and Awareness
In March of 2018, three of our members presented a panel in seamanship to a full house in New York Yacht Club's renowned Model Room. Presenting were:
by Mark Lenci, |
Subject: Seamanship and Awareness, Navigation
This article suggests how the principles of handling emergencies on large ship can be applied to smaller private yachts – yachts capable of being cruised comfortably by two people. The principles can be easily extended to crews of more than two…
by John Rousmaniere, |
Subject: Culture of Safety
From The Annapolis Book of Seamanship