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by Bill Ballard, |
Subject: Emergency Signalling, Search and Rescue, Communications, AIS
Both these incidents illustrate the fact that yacht safety equipment is useful only to the extent it can be accessed in difficult conditions, that it is in working order, and that the operator is thoroughly familiar with its operation.  They…
by Douglas Adkins, |
Subject: Narratives
The Cruising Club of America has always been explicitly amateur.  The test of one’s suitability for election is a robust blue-water resume with voyaging accomplishments for one’s pleasure and not for remuneration.  The boundaries of…
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Culture of Safety
Frequent travelers, or those listening to a particularly good podcast, frequently skip the safety briefing because “they’ve heard it all before 1,000 times” and find no value in it. Similarly, when sailing, we become immune to repetitive messages…
by Voyages, |
Subject: Narratives
Circumnavigations, Antarctica, Women Sailors and more. Read it here
by Mark Lenci, |
Subject: Preparation of Boat and Crew, Communications
The CCA Offshore Communications Committee has prepared an in-depth overview of offshore communications methods and considerations, from VHF to Starlink. Those planning an offshore voyage should consider reviewing this document.
Subject: Narratives
... There did seem to be some sort of moisture on the interior surfaces of the engine enclosure, but those surfaces led down to a gel-coat covered bilge pan, intended to keep any engine drips from going beyond the engine and messing up the rest of…