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Plans are afloat to organize another two week cruise in company in late July 2021 bringing members of the Boston and Bras D’Or Stations of CCA once again together with sailors of the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club (RNYC). 

Newfoundland is a bucket-list cruising destination, sparsely populated by hardy people who are the friendliest, funniest, most generous imaginable.  The south coast of Newfoundland features breathtaking cliffs and fjords, waterfalls, and vistas, but fog and cold south/westerly winds can be challenging. The major population centers on the east and north coasts are joined by roads and enjoy warm breezes off the land with little fog in late summer, which rapidly melt icebergs carried down by the Labrador Current until July. RNYC sailors seldom venture around Cape Race to the south shore.  There are very few yachts seen (there are none available for charter), and pristine anchorages are mostly empty.  There are no lobster pots in July and Aug.

Due to the distance from the US east coast, we encourage boats making the trip to consider offering up empty cabins for members unable to make the trip.



In the last week of July 1987, Sandy Weld and RNYC Past Commodore Geoff Peters organized a two week cruise along the east coast of Newfoundland starting in the northern port of Terra Nova Park.  25 RNYC boats joined 30 CCA boats from as far away as Florida.  After four days of gunk holing and viewing spectacular northern lights displays in Bonavista Bay’s peaceful coves and “tickles”, the fleet started at will and sailed without engines for a 1500 finish time and an aerial photo entering Trinity Bay’s Trinity Harbor.    A shore gathering put on by the ladies of the Anglican Church was enjoyed in this charming loyalist town.  The fleet explored Trinity and Conception Bay before the final bash at the RNYC in Long Pond Conception Bay.

In the Third week in July, 1999, 34 CCA boats joined one RNYC boat in St Anthony for a north coast cruise in company organized by Sandy Weld and Margaret May and Nizar Ladha from RNYC.  Nine other RNYC boats joined the fleet as it sailed toward Notre Dame Bay.  Shore functions were held in St Anthony, Little Bay Island, Exploits, with a final dinner in Lewisporte on July 30.  A raft party was held in Hare Bay, and another “Drinks on Time” 1300 finish non-race at Little Bay Island.



On July 7, 2011 Doug and Dale  Bruce and John van Schalkwyck convened an OCC three week Newfoundland south coast cruise with 24 sail yachts and one 65 foot steel trawler.  The fleet first gathered in Baddeck on the Bras D’or for a pre-cruise shore party at a private home. They sailed 100 nm across the Laurentian Channel to Port aux Basques and then hopped east along the foggy fjord coast exploring the few remaining outports and the ghost towns resettled in the 60’s after the collapse of the cod fishery.  Shore functions were organized in Burgeo and Grand Bank, and a farewell dinner ashore on the charming French island of St Pierre. 


2021 CRUISE   

We’d like to get a sense of interest and possible participation of CCA boats in four possible 2021 itineraries.  If you have questions or would like more information that would help you evaluate the options presented, The Cruising Guide to Newfoundland, Alexander (Sandy) Weld, editor, Pilot Press is available from Landfall Navigation. It has detailed information on this cruising area, and is an indispensable aid to have aboard.  Newfoundland cruising is wonderful but challenging. Skippers must budget enough time or plan multiple legs to manage safe offshore delivery to/from the Island.   It is possible to winter over if “repair” is done by a local yard.  ConverJence explored the south and east coast from Marion, MA and returned in ten weeks in ’17, and circled the island from/to Marion (3,000  nm) in 12 weeks in ’18, taking time to gunk hole, choosing weather windows, and planning several crew changes. In ’18 we cleared into Shelburne and waited out a nor’easter before continuing east.  Our sense is the cruise should be simple and affordable to blend with the location, and that a modest fleet size is fine.

Please Visit the Survey Page for possible itineraries and your expression of interest