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Welcome to the website of the Cruising Club of America's Florida Station!    The Florida Station has 105 members and the station Rear Commodore is Joel Taliaferro.

Visiting Florida? 
CCA members from other stations and posts visiting or cruising in Florida are invited to join in the Florida Station's activities.  

The Florida Station has a luncheon in the Stuart area each month from November through April. There is also a luncheon each month from October through April in the St. Petersburg area. Additional luncheons are held in Ft. Lauderdale and Biscayne Bay.  Dates of these luncheons are noted on the Station Calendar.

Emails are sent to all Florida winter visitors, with information on upcoming events. Please give your email to the Station Secretary to be included.

Our News


I am posting 2 articles regarding the situation in the Bahamas.  One from SOUNDINGS and one from a person who works for the Red Cross.  The info below these articles has been passed to me from… M/div>