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Hello! Welcome to the Cruising Club of America's Pacific Northwest Station website! The Pacific Northwest Station has 142 members, and the station Rear Commodore for 2022 is Dave Utley (utleydc@yahoo.com) .

Cruising Club members from other stations and posts who are visiting or cruising in the Northwest are invited to join in the Pacific Northwest Station's activities.  The Station normally has a bimonthly luncheon every other month Our next meetings will be:

Feb. 1st

April 5th

June 7th

Oct 4th

Dec. 6th

 at the Seattle Yacht Club.

We are saddened to learn of the final passages of three of our members; Gerry Mauer, Larry Bailey, and Brad Baker.  We will miss them.

Our recent luncheon meeting was hybrid

 More information about the meeting is on the events tab including Minutes




Our News

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In the absence of a Safety Moment this month, we have two recommended articles.

From Doug Adkins: The report on this year's Bermuda Race fatality is now available online.

We are all interested in the lessons to be learned from the recent over board events.  Here is a link to the report from the 2022 Newport Bermuda  race tragedy.  

US Sailing Releases Report for Crew-Overboard Incident - Newport Bermuda Race