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Hello! Welcome to the Cruising Club of America's Pacific Northwest Station website! The Pacific Northwest Station has 142 members, and the station Rear Commodore for 2022 is Dave Utley (utleydc@yahoo.com) .

Cruising Club members from other stations and posts who are visiting or cruising in the Northwest are invited to join in the Pacific Northwest Station's activities.  The Station normally has a monthly luncheon each month (except July, August and September) held the first Wednesday of the month at the Seattle Yacht Club. 

Welcome to our new member Mary Alice O'Neill

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                                                                           Dave Utley presents Rick Meslang with decanter for service as                                                                                                                     rear commodore



Please, see the latest news about our upcoming cruise to the Gulf Islands in September. Look in the events section below.

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Presented by Dan Schwartz, PNW station

Be aware of your own safety when involved in a rescue.  Don't be a second victim.

We are all interested in the lessons to be learned from the recent over board events.  Here is a link to the report from the Chicago -Mac race tragedy.