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No Room for Error

A Dismasting Averted

THE COLD FACTS: Special Safety Considerations of High Latitude Voyaging

With tens of thousands of miles sailed (and working) in the cold-water latitudes, CCA Member Mark Roye has learned a

Perhaps Overconfidence, not Curiosity, Killed the Cat?
Armed with a small amount of misinformation, we concoct a story to fit what we think we see and then twist additional evidence to comply.
Video: Advances in MOB Recovery

It's 2021. When someone goes overboard, you want the benefit of the latest experience and thinking.

Skipper, Leadership and Vessel Safety: White Paper

Advocates of the phrase, “leaders are born not made,” discount expertise and dwell on

Skipper, Leadership and Vessel Safety: Executive Summary

Executive Summary

William Strassberg, MD