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by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Procedures and Practices
Navigare Necesse Est“From the CCA School of Hard Rocks
Subject: Narratives
... There did seem to be some sort of moisture on the interior surfaces of the engine enclosure, but those surfaces led down to a gel-coat covered bilge pan, intended to keep any engine drips from going beyond the engine and messing up the rest of…
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Preparation of Boat and Crew
The excitement of a new boat, even after you’ve toiled over it to prepare for its maiden voyage, should not be an excuse to neglect your safety preparation, nor forget your operational checklists...
by John Franklin, |
Subject: Navigation and Piloting
In view of Stan’s apparent knowledge, I delegated the pilotage to him and, stupidly, didn’t keep an eye on the charts and the marks although I had read up on the passage. At that stage we did not have a chart plotter so we were relying on paper…
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Preparation of Boat and Crew, Damage and Repair
I idly looked aloft at the tricolor light, and it appeared to be showing its red light aft, which didn’t register as a problem, at least initially, until I looked aloft again and now saw the green light showing aft. It became obvious that the light…
by Chuck Hawley (39, |
Subject: Preparation of Boat and Crew, Electronics
A few minutes later, however, the familiar sound stopped, and the swing of the rudder and tiller came to a halt with perhaps 10 degrees of port rudder locked in. Before I could get to the tiller and lift the tiller pilot off its pin, the boat flew…