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by Chuck Hawley (39, |
Subject: Fire/Flooding
The story in MarineLog on this year’s Summer Solstice seemed both familiar and odd at the same time. A yacht valued at $1,500,000 burned to the waterline, and later sank, while undergoing some routine maintenance at a marina in Washington state.…
by Wilson Fitt, |
Subject: Overboard
This story is not a bluewater sailing story, but it illustrates how you can get into trouble in calm waters within sight of home. A friend of mine had this happen to him a few years ago and told me the story the next day, while he was still somewhat…
by James Phyfe, |
Subject: Heavy Weather
“From the CCA School of Hard Rocks
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Culture of Safety, Good Practices Underway
“Safety Moments, presented at CCA Stations and Posts” By Chuck Hawley, San Francisco Station, May 2023
by Jeffrey Wisch, MD, |
Subject: Medical, Medical
CCA Fleet Surgeon Memorandum for Offshore Passages Jeffrey S. Wisch, M.D.*
Subject: Narratives
From Spain to Maine to Ukraine. A wide-ranging collection of narratives in the post-COVID era. Read about it here