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Dangerous Bravado


Skipper, Leadership and Vessel Safety: White Paper

Advocates of the phrase, “leaders are born not made,” discount expertise and dwell on

Skipper, Leadership and Vessel Safety: Executive Summary

Executive Summary

William Strassberg, MD

Unstable Approaches: Listen to the clues that tell you to reset
Sailors can learn from the crash of flight 8303. We can, on occasion, get into a situation that gets more and more difficult from which to recover. This can be caused by ego, or by a sudden change in the expected circumstances, or a lack of “forehandedness”, which was one of the late Capt. John Bonds’s favorite words to throw out at Safety At Sea students. Forehandedness, he’d lecture, was the ability to anticipate possible changes in the current situation and to be ready for them, much as our parents would admonish us to “drive defensively” when we were learning to drive.