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The Cruising Club and its Designing Members

The Cruising Club of America has always been explicitly amateur.  The te

2024 Voyages Magazine
Circumnavigations, Antarctica, Women Sailors and more. Read it here
No Apparent Cause: Engine Repair Underway
... There did seem to be some sort of moisture on the interior surfaces of the engine enclosure, but those surfaces led down to a gel-coat covered bilge pan, intended to keep any engine drips from going beyond the engine and messing up the rest of the bilge.
2023 Voyages

From Spain to Maine to Ukraine. A wide-ranging collection of narratives in the post-COVID era.

2022 Voyages Magazine

These Stories!

A range of tales, lavishly photographed, from Maine to the Antarctic.

2021 Voyages Magazine

The 2021 Issue of our popular Voyages magazine is available for your reading pleasure. 

Showtime’s Last Delivery
A rescue amid a terrifying capsize is brought to life in this firsthand retelling.