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At the March 1 Annual General Meeting, a near-unanimous  vote elected the previously-nominated slate of officers and directors for 2024.


  • Commodore John R. Gowell 
  • Vice Commodore A. Chace Anderson 
  • Secretary Pat Montgomery 
  • Treasurer Kathleen M. O’Donnell 
  • Historian Douglas D. Adkins 

Governors (Terms expiring in 2027):

  •  Bras D’Or Bernard F. D. Prevost 
  • Boston CDR Catherine Reppert 
  • San Francisco Sally L. Honey

Also announced at the meeting were an interlocking set of committee chair changes

Communications Committee


  • Anne Kolker: Outgoing Chair
  • Deanna Polizzo: Incoming Chair

Financial Affairs Committee

Fleet Captain/Cruise Resources

  • Paul Hamilton: Outgoing
  • Ernie Godshalk: Incoming

Interclub Relations (New Committee)

  • Chris Otorowski Chair

Membership Committee

Next Watch

  • Alli Bell: outgoing
  • Jesse Terry Next Next Watch Captain Coordinator

Trophy (new)

  • Bob Darbee: Chair