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by Chuck Hawley, & by Stan Honey, & by Sally Honey, |
Subject: Overboard
  Chuck Hawley, San Francisco Station, with immense help from Stan Honey and Sally Lindsay Honey, San Francisco Station
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Overboard
  By Chuck Hawley, San Francisco Station, October 2019
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Navigation and Piloting, Electronics
It would be prudent for all navigators on unfamiliar boats, or perhaps when returning after a period of time to a familiar boat, to ensure that the hidden, potentially helpful fudge factors buried in silicon memories are actually helping, not…
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Good Practices Underway
Lessons from a British Virgin Islands Charter
by Michael Keyworth, |
Subject: Culture of Safety, Emergency Signalling
As I was leaving the boat around 1630, having completed my chores for the day, I gathered my gear and prepared to get off onto the dock. I stepped out the shrink wrap door, I put my right foot on a boarding step, and my knee promptly gave way. My…
by Brian Guck, |
Subject: Preparation of Boat and Crew
​​​​​​​A problem can easily arise when several knowledgeable sailors are on deck during a passage or even a daysail and it is not clear who is charge. Each is partially attentive, but no one is paying attention to the details on the chart or what…