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Stretching from the Quebec Shore through the Belle Isle Strait to the Inuit coast of Nunatsiavut to Cape Chidley, this guide brings the adventurous cruiser to wild and isolated places where the sense of being alone and self-reliant is ever more present.

This guide was first published as part of the Newfoundland Guide in 1956. Since 1983 it has been published as a stand-alone book. The current edition is dated January 2020 and includes information on over 200 harbors and anchorages, many with chartlets or sketch charts.

If heading for any part of the bold and largely uninhabited coast of Labrador, you will want this cruising guide.

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Call for Updates

Mariners: You are our greatest resource. If you are sailing these waters, you are in the best position to share timely updates based on your observations. Please send your updates to this guide to

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