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The CCA Cruising Guide to the Gulf of St. Lawrence

The current edition of this guide was revised in January 2020. It contains many updates from prior years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, very little has been reported due to restrictions on travelers. Now that cruising activity is resuming in 2023, we have our first update to report:
  • From Paul Coates - Page 28 - the picture beside L’Anse St. Jean is of Marina de Ville de la Baie [ ] located at 821 Rte de l'Anse à Benjamin, La Baie, QC G7B 0G3, Canada.  As reported, it is a long walk to a grocery store, but there's also a fine bakery, an ice cream shop, and a cafe across the street from the marina. When approaching Marina de Ville de la Baie, take care to round the several floating lights out front on the North/West end and give all docks at least 25 feet of clearance. This will avoid underwater cables -- per marina management. If you have any concerns, we suggest you call the marina in advance at +1 418 544 3801.


Call for Updates

Mariners: You are our greatest resource. If you are sailing these waters, you are in the best position to share timely updates based on your observations. Please send your updates to this guide to

Thank you!