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This guide was first published in 1955 and has been continuously updated and improved on a regular basis. A significantly updated edition for 2023 is now available at nautical bookstores, marine chandleries, and online. See the "Where To Buy" link at right. This new edition incorporates new Navionics chartlets for virtually every harbor, several new harbors and important updated information for nearly all harbors. If you already own an older edition, you should consider purchasing this significant update.

This Newfoundland Guide is by far the most comprehensive book for cruising the entire island -- it encompasses over 300 harbors with chartlets or sketch charts for nearly all. From the dramatic fjords along the south coast to the beautiful seabird colonies along the east coast, and then to the isolated islands and rugged coastline and the historic abandoned outport villages of Notre Dame Bay, there is something for every adventurous cruiser. The guide also covers the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, which are just a few miles from Newfoundland’s south coast. Cruising Newfoundland represents a significant adventure for the coastal cruiser, and this book helps prepare the skipper, the crew, and the boat.

VIDEO INTRODUCTION TO NEWFOUNDLAND: Ed O'Reilly, a well-known photographer and videographer from Newfoundland, has produced a beautiful and accurate description of "The Rock" and what cruising there will be like. Caution -- it may inspire you beyond all reason: 

Call for Updates

Mariners: You are our greatest resource. If you are sailing these waters, you are in the best position to share timely updates based on your observations. Please send your updates to this guide to

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